LHC Military Moms are now members of the Lake Havasu Veterans Coalition. The Coalition of various veterans advocacy organizations of Havasu is working with the new Lake Havasu City Veterans Court to set goals for the Court and decide how best the Coalition can assist the Court and veterans who go through the court program.
The first meeting of the Coalition and Judge Kalauli, coordinator of the Havasu Veterans Court, was last week, and there were a lot of good ideas passed around. Discussions were started on how the Veterans Coalition will interact with and assist the Veterans Court. There will be training for “navigators” who will process veterans and set up individual programs based on their needs. The main goal is to reach the veterans who can be helped by the Court diversion process. We will be setting up booths at various events in Havasu to get information out to veterans and their families, and we’re developing a book of resources available so that when a vet comes to us for help we’ll be able to decide immediately which organization can best help him or her. Will keep you updated on progress of the Coalition.
The Havasu Veterans Court is going so well that the next Court will be set up in Bullhead, then Kingman, hopefully by the end of this year. The Havasu court began with 10 veterans, then 30, and this month there are 15 more waiting to go through the system. The graduation of the first four veterans from Veterans Court in Havasu will be September 12.
The goal of Veterans Court is to rehabilitate and restore veterans as active, contributing members of their community. The Veterans Court program focuses on veterans who are currently in, or entering, the Criminal Justice System. The Court creates and supervises treatment plans to address the underlying causes of the veterans behavior and substance abuse issues. Issues commonly addressed by the treatment programs include PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, anger issues, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse. Diversion-eligible veterans who successfully complete the program may have their cases dismissed.
This is an amazing program that will be a huge help to veterans with issues that prevent them from successfully complying with the rules of ordinary courts. Veterans courts are in their infancy, but already they are proving that veterans, with the right support and guidance, can become productive members of society.